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Indigenous Electrical Rotary Actuator for Gnome Engine on Sea King Helicopter

An electrically driven DC motor based flame proof actuator to provide 180° rotary motion for any valve operation on an aero engine Also provides output signal for End position indication. Uses a built in brake for safety of operation and to increase reliability.


Operating voltage 18 to 30 V DC aircraft supply
Power Input 28 Watt nominal
Normal Working Load 3.37 N-m (30 lb-in)
Maximum Working Load 7.74 N-m (60 lb-in)
Angle of Rotation 180° CW and CCW
Duration of Travel 16 to 23 seconds
Operating Life 10,000 cycles
Environmental Specifications MIL STD 810 D/E, MIL STD 704 D, MIL STD 461 D
Weight 0.7 kg