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5KW Generators with GCU


5 KW DC brushless autonomous 3 stage generator was developed to satisfy the unique load requirements of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) for emergency operation.

The Generator is capable of delivering 5 KW power when driven from the engine pad of the LCA and is controlled through its Generator Control Unit (GCU). It delivers 28v DC nominal voltage for a demanding speed range of 8900 to 14114 RPM.


Continuous rating 5kW
Size Dia 150 x 225mm length
Output voltage 28V DC±1 V (with use of GCU)
Load current 179Amp
Speed 8000 to 14500 rpm
Cooling Integral fan
Operating temperature Inlet air +90° and ambient of 120°C
Weight 9kg
Compliance MIL-STD 461 C/810 D/704 D